000 office-based medical and dental care Spent USAinsurers.

$ 8,800,000,000 office-based medical and dental care Spent USAinsurers, government agencies and patients spent a total of $ 896,000 for health care for the U.S. Civilian institutionalized population in 2003, according to HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates. The total expenditure for selected types of office-based services the proportion of people with such expenditure and average annual expenditure or is..

$ 417 – $ Orthodontists 10400000000, 2.2 %; 1st – nurses or nurse practitioners, $ 7.7 billion, 9.3 %; optician opticians $ 2,000,000,000;. 6 % Physical Physical or occupational therapist $ 8.8 billion;. 2.6 %; the first – Chiropractors $ 5500000000, 4.2 %; $ 448. Status, and otherompendium of tables contains various other types of health care spending estimates and service categories as well as data disaggregated by age, sex, race / ethnicity, health status, and other characteristics..Which AMBA has granted recently formed twelve location groups and work diligently order to expand their local chapters throughout Germany.. The club, with Local Chapters, will hold formal festivities throughout the day.

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