A mutation known to have cancer.

The team showed in mouse models that CSCs from brain tumors have a natural tendency, In addition,closely linked to blood vessels as non – CSC tumor cells. Researchers also found in test tube experiments showed that CSCs bind closely to cells isolated from human blood vessels. In addition, the investigators found that human blood vessel cells molecules KSZ cause brain tumors in order to keep their identity as stem cells to multiply and continue to solve quickly. – ‘This is strong proof that the cells expressing the vascular niche signals to CSCs in the brain, making them grow and multiply,’said Gilbertson.. The investigators then examined thin sections of brain tumors and found that more than one third of the nestin+ cells next to blood vessels in the vascular niche , a mutation known to have cancer, they were CSC had to be connected proposed, Gilbertson About 30 % of these cells were abnormal and multiply rapidly, like cancer cells expected.

Predictor Of Autism Severity: Toddlers ‘ focus on mouths rather than on eyesScientists at the Yale School of Medicine have found that two-year-olds with autism looked significantly more the mouths of others, and less at their eyes, as in the typically developing infants. This abnormality predicts the level of disability, according to the results published in the Archives of General Psychiatry study.When the people of CA voted to they, they did so with the hope triple treatments for serious diseases including Alzheimer ‘s, Parkinson’s, diabetes and other chronic diseases and injuries. By the financing the study CIRM are make a big step towards to hope a reality. ‘.

Studies in animals demonstrated that this cells of into oligodendrocytes, the insulating tissue surround sound neuronal and manufacture protects it rotate – they form an myelin sheath around axons. Sources: CIRM.