A new study published today in the malaria Journal.

‘Our study suggests, based on the limited evidence we present that a revaluation of the two-year shelf life of artemether-lumefantrine is justified,’Dr. Roger Bate, Legatum Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said lead author the study. ‘Our hope is that the publication of this work motivated relevant companies relevant companies and authorities. More detailed and thorough analysis that would be necessary for such a change in life ‘.. Shelf lifeextended shelf-life Of Malaria – The key malaria drug passed basic quality checks beyond their expiry date, which includes a possible extension of the shelf life save many lives save many lives in developing countries, a new study published today in the malaria Journal.

97 percent of fixed dose combination artemether-lumefantrine, were between one and 58 months after the expiration, TLC, disintegration test and near-infrared Raman spectrometry testing. These on-site techniques that validate as ‘silver standard ‘are used primarily for product identification, in particular the assessment of counterfeit drugs nonprofittablished.h information to probable likely stability of the product. Spectrometry data provide useful measurements of apparent degradation product in the course of time, which could be useful for future field studies.Africa Fighting Malaria is one non profit Health Research Institute and advocacy group of South Africa and Washington DC. To research reporting in this study, part of the March Washington project is a campaign to a campaign of anti-malarial drug quality and supply of high-quality medicines for malaria Africa.