About Argos Therapeutics.

About Argos Therapeutics,Argos Therapeutics is developing breakthrough immunotherapies against , the unique properties, the unique properties of a patient. This new generation of personalized cancer and infectious disease therapeutics, created using the company ‘Arcelis ‘technology the immune system the immune system to attack the disease. Argos ‘ scientific leadership in RNA – loaded dendritic cells and advanced manufacturing processes to provide a platform for virtually all forms of cancer and infectious diseases combat.

The present study describes the adaptation of proprietary Arcelis Argos ‘ technology platform, to create a personalized immunotherapy product that is perfectly matched for each patient unique viral load. This approach overcomes the extreme patient to patient viral diversity that Argos researchers believe is a primary factor in the failure of other HIV immune-based therapies. The findings from this study, the clinical trial of what we believe that the world’s first commercially feasible personalized immunotherapy for patients who may already be infected with HIV, said Charles Nicolette, Chief Scientific Officer of Argos.In addition, researchers have mathematical analysis that describes the both shock developed developed as coupled oscillators, in the a manner similar to the types of the synchronized blinking of the glowworm and to the Mexican wave by people at a stadium. To analyze Terabyte on the patterns of Syndication, they showed that strength of coupling was set in compliance with him from the fluid by beating flagellum. Those observations form the first direct evidence that hydrodynamic interactions responsible for the synchronization, that has long been predicted to be about result this coordination.. The investigators found to cells propose their flagella in two fundamentally different modes of: synchronizes, to most identical frequencies and locations, and unsynchronised by two pretty various frequencies.

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