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About the WJG PressThe WJG Press mainly publishes World Journal of Gastroenterology.Organic is healthier: Kiwis prove that green is goodCasey Gauthier reports on this story in Chemistry & Industry.###Please Chemistry & Industry and / or the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture to confirm the source of these items. If the publication online, add a link to please.

Recently , the efficacy of rebamipide enema for the treatment of ulcerative colitis has been reported in Japan.. Professor of the effectiveness of Rebamipide enema in treating left-sided ischemic colitis with ulcerAfter Reeders et al ischemic colitis involves the left colon in 75 percent of cases and the right colon in 8 percent. Indicated during surgery for the treatment of type gangrenous ischemic colitis, many patients improve with transient nature of the disease or stenosis with bowel rest by fasting and parenteral administration fluid alone.‘.. And found that states with greater oncology load how they in Eastern, not in the research of humans with more developed research structural cared cooperation, and that in turn affects care it were able to give young patients. Radiologist and from ten countries were invited of their domestic conditions and the differences are noticeable,’said Professor Kathy Pritchard-Jones, Cancer program director from UCL Institute of Child Health, UK and former president of SIOPE. ‘For instance, cites one interviewee from Bosnia-Herzegovina lack of hospital space, not professionals of pediatric oncology radiologists, and inadequate diagnostic devices, with whatever customized in adult patients.