Advocate Health Care

Advocate Health Care, a faith-based health system with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Church of Christ is connected, the largest integrated health care system in the Midwest. The organization has more than 200 sites of care including 12 hospitals, the region’s largest employment medical group and the largest private home health care company in the state click here .

2,000 a yearst, New York Times Examine PEPFAR – The webcast of a Kaiser Family Foundation town hall with Goosby to discuss the PEPFAR five-year strategy is available online.According to the newspaper, AIDS advocates complained bitterly that they had been betrayed and that the Bush administration was best legacy gutted Some advocates for the entire global health. Unlike those lobbying for AIDS – but regretted said the management was. As practical by shifting to buying goods that save more lives for less money like water filters, oral rehydration packets and generic antibiotics, and instead of adults on antiretroviral drugs at a cost of $ 35 to $ 2,000 per year .

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