Although none of the children were overweight in this study.

Although none of the children were overweight in this study, the findings from the research showed also that children who were heavier were less physically active and poorer motor skills. – ‘This relationship may reasons reasons for weight gain in some children, said Wrotniak. ‘That is, it could be that children who do not avoid that participation in physical activity participation in physical activity as a coping strategy and this then leads to more sedentary lifestyles and positive energy balance leading to weight gain may be. ‘.

From the beginning is the best, said Wrotniak, because physical activity decreases drastically when children reach adolescence and physical activity in childhood associated with physical activity in later life. .. Activities it is likely appropriate that at any level at every level in motor skills would be most important. This could the the dancing or aerobics classes toward youth, after-school physical activity such as running games, obstacle courses, jump rope or hop – scotch, swimming, and agility activities changes in direction, such as football or basketball.On Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineThe Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is the official publication the the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Released serve as a guide for doctors, nurses and scientists clinically oriented research Article is an excellent resource for new ideas, concepts, techniques and procedures which may be readily applied in the industrial and commercial applications settings.