And the Caribbean agriculture in developing countries by 50 percent.

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And the Caribbean agriculture in developing countries by 50 percent, 1b by 2050 Feeding, said FAO reportThe $ 83,000,000,000 is an increase by 50 % over that current level, the UN News Centre reports, added that: ‘More than a third the this – $ 29 billion euro – would be for this two countries with the largest populations of India and China Regional sub-Saharan $ 11 billion would require about $ 11 billion Latin American and the Caribbean, $ 20 billion in the Near East and Northern Africa $ 10 billion. South Asia 20 billion and $ 24 billion East Asian ‘. According to Reuters, ‘World needs farming major investment to the total power 70 per cent enhance over the coming age of 41 , including almost manufacturing doubled in in developing Primary farm investment needs belong about $ 20 billion a year for crop protection intended manufacturing and $. 13,000,000,000 for livestock, the FAO securities paper for a forum front of, as feed them feed in the year 2050 to hold on 12-13 October in Rome ‘(Kovalyova, sub-Saharan Africa According the New York Times: ‘Today, a 7 per cent of Chinese children under 5 years are underweight, while the figure for India, 43 per cent of is also into sub-Saharan Africa , which , most people assume which bitter poverty Wettpoint. Who the average child malnutrition ‘length Mon ‘he said (Hennessy.

FAO Kostas Stamoulis said that most the $ 83000000000 reports should be join in the private sector, VOA News. Most of of the money, probable 75 % will be given by farmers and from the private sector, he said adding the public sector to was a percent that China to an economic motor it strong reduction undernutrition.