And without the security risks of the current vaccines against smallpox

Nasal vaccine for smallpox Gives high immunity without security risksscientist NanoBio Corporation and the University of Michigan have demonstrated their delivered nasally vaccinia vaccine animals animals against 77 times the potentially lethal dose of smallpox, and without the security risks of the current vaccines against smallpox. Vaccinia virus smallpox virus and builds immunity used against them.

About NanoBioNanoBio Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization derived from anti-infectives and mucosal vaccines from its patented NanoStat technology platform. The company main product candidates are topical treatments for herpes labialis , onychomycosis , MRSA and mucosal vaccines for influenza and hepatitis B. The company’s headquarters and laboratory facilities are in Ann Arbor.

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