Approximately 15 % of these within the first weeks in the first weeks

The research has shown that a significant %age of people who survive a heart attack or MI will ultimately die as a result a dangerous heart rhythm originating in the lower chambers of heart1. Approximately 15 % of these within the first weeks in the first weeks, and another 10 % in the first year after heart attack2, the patients selected for the study, which was immediately after the MI stage , and based on the selective criteria less than five % of the respondents, post heart attack read more . The study involved 902 patients in 92 centers in seven countries in Europe.

Narrowly definedAssessment Use Of cardiac devices in Certain Heart Attack Patients Show Reduction in Sudden Cardiac DeathThe results of IRIS clinical trial, which in part by Medtronic: support and on the on the . Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology showed that sudden cardiac death post in of a particular subgroup of the immediate? MI patients was statistically with with implantable cardioverter? Defibrillator therapy. However, in this narrowly defined group of patients has not ICDs reduce mortality from all causes, as all causes untreatable ICDs.

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