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At MSU, be about 50 people are study, which will test 1,000 participants nationwide. Henry and his team of researchers from the departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine and the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute seek volunteers for the study.

NicVAX stimulates the immune system antibodies to bind with and prevent nicotine produce blood-brain barrier, substantially prevents highly addictive pleasure sensation experienced by smokers.Vaccine developers hope that prevention helps people quit smoking, and because the antibodies remain in the bloodstream for several months, the vaccine could be effective in preventing relapse. With current smoking cessation therapies may relapse rates as high as 90 % in the first year after a smoker closed..For example, Roundtable Users told Steven M. Chief Executive Officer of Montefiore Medical Center, he was able to predict immediate benefits for his establishment. There 17,000 employees working at Montefiore right now, are likely to benefit from this type of approach to could not, to the patients, families and Community we will serve remain silent, said Safyer. There is no reason not to go now!