Boice and colleagues.

Boice and colleagues, try the risks of birth defects and other adverse consequences for the offspring of cancer survivors in the amount of chemotherapy and radiation to quantify get. We are also taking blood samples from the survivors see their spouses and their children at the molecular level for markers for genetic effects. .

Also on Friday, UN Food and Agriculture Organization Director-General Jacques Diouf called leaders of the world to create a broad consensus on the total and rapid eradication of hunger, Xinhua writes .Dr. Carter added: If gum diseases gum disease, is has been suggested that bacteria in the mouth in the blood stream. It might then effect on the heart by sticking to grease deposits in blood vessels of the heart. This may mean clots as to form more likely. Blood clots can of reducing normal blood flow, so that the heart is not get all the nutrients and of oxygen needs If blood flow is this could result in affected, this could lead to a heart attack.