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Launch, Cationorm , an over-the-counter dry eye treatment was developed based on the Novasorb technology, the company is the first product in the pipeline market to extend the reach. The company other lead drug candidates under development in the U.S. Include Cyclokat , a Novasorb-based therapy in the phase III trials for moderate to severe dry eye and Cortiject , a corticosteroid with Eyeject technology formulated, which is in phase I studies for the treatment of diabetic macular edema. – ‘The development of new products, which is to operate through novel mechanisms crucial for future progress in ocular drug delivery,’says Hughes. ‘Targeted research to novel treatments in Ophthalmic Novagali Pharma ‘s proprietary to to greatly benefit patients and health care workers in the near future.

Also.. Is estimated that less than five % of a topically applied drug ever reaches the intraocular tissues of drug offenses loss as a result of tearing, lacrimal fluid-eye barriers, and blood-ocular barriers. These beneficial natural defenses that protect the eyes and block foreign substances, also greatly the usefulness of topical treatments for treating them when distressed or sick. This applies in particular for diseases of the posterior of the eye. – Novagali recognizes this as an opportunity and is diligent to overcome its proprietary emulsion technologies both pharmacological and drug delivery challenges in the eye, says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Misty Hughes. The research really all the segments all segments of the eye, Novagali Novasorb optimized to a variety of diseases which are used by enhancing drug delivery to the front of the eye, while the minimally invasive Eyeject intraocular platform offers improvements over existing implant technology for the treatment of posterior challenge diseases of the eye.‘Let that people familiar with and decide to which hospital going in order to quality of and ethics transplantations. ‘.