Commissioned by the trade association.

Urges urges Congress to enact laws to require ‘prompt payment ‘to stop some pharmacies and Medicare Part D plans from benefiting at the expense of pharmacies.. The trade associations Congress legislation to ensure prompt payment to pharmacies EnactThe American Pharmacists Association provides calling a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study on the potential impact to require Medicare Part D plans pay pharmacies promptly. The study, commissioned by the trade association, the pharmacy benefit manager is in order claims ‘prompt pay’legislation could increase Medicare costs $ 3.3 billion over 10 years.

5 with an estimated 225 hospitals around in the United States in the U.S., use hypothermia systems, temperature modulation therapies are now represented as a significant and growing market opportunity, said Christopher J. Reinhard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cardium Therapeutics and InnerCool Therapies. – ‘InnerCool new cost CoolBlue surface system and the next generation, high performance Rapid Blue Endovascular System, in the next quarter expected to be launched in the next quarter will be as a standard for the first and only comprehensive provider of temperature control solutions InnerCool ‘added Reinhard. ‘The provision of hospitals and physicians with a single – source approach an effective temperature of the patient modulation should so different the medical community, to expand the use of InnerCool for current information and to facilitate ongoing research into the potential of temperature modulation in a series of that that may benefit from these new therapies.The study was the work of lead author Dr. E Casey Kerrigan to the JKM Technologies LLC, was into Charlottesville, Virginia and counterparts by University of Colorado and the University of Virginia, and at the December 2009 issue which PM & R released:. Journal The violations, function and rehabilitation.