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This knowledge is coupled with the results of other studies, can help explain what happens to the human brain with age, Cabeza said.

Now, further investigation of the effect by any of these compounds, ethosuximide, the researchers discovered in that it were just as survival benefits as several well-studied genetic mutation in C. Elegans. Of these mutations inhibit the activity of several sensory neuron to the worm, and which helped the researchers conclude in that ethosuximide even directly to affected by these neurons. Roundworms ethosuximide ethosuximide was living up to 29 % longer than normal. Now we know what cells are ethosuximide targets in C. Elegans, corn field said. It is probable that the medicine prevented from the nerve cells in electrically active, but exactly how works, that’s something that we need to We further. We also want to find effect the effect on the nerve cells into any effect on translated worms ‘ bodies to retard aging of. .

In the long term goal on cornfield links be identified could potentially identify human aging. The working group for this project also James Collins, Kim Read Evason, Chris Pickett, and Daniel Schneidermann.