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According to Economic Times, the center transfers ‘for ‘strict measures ‘to ‘called by antiretroviral drugs, and a ban on advertising, the possible cure for HIV / AIDS, because ‘all irrational prescriptions there is no proven cure available for HIV / AIDS so far. ‘Solicitor-General Gopal Subramanium also told the Supreme Court panel that India’s centers of primary health care in rural states such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala were ‘working very well. ‘The Panel disagreed and said that parts in some rural ,, ‘there is no doctor available. Hospital, in a 50-bed hospital, is not a single doctor is present ‘(Economic Times.

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Zhang and other investigators tested their hypothesis that Tumour necrosis factor? A signaling protein stakeholders in the inflammatory was responsible for which vascular dysfunction in type 2 diabetes. They observed that diabetic mice did increased levels TNF. If diabetic mice lacked TNF, her vessels functioning normally. They also be observed that advanced glycation end products and its receptors strengthened with protein and lipids, which act on number of complications likely blood vessel, TNF production in diabetes. In patients with diabetes, AGE accumulate is quickly than normal in the blood and arterial. We have found that overproduction of AGE and RAGE TNF to blood and blood vessels dysfunction for type 2 diabetes, said Zhang. changes in within the blood vessels causing by these proteins cause oxidative stress and vascular dysfunction diseases diseases as heart disease and stroke. .