~ Drinking while pregnant.

Hazard Current California law prohibits the use of restraints, while a woman is in labor, but only a third of the county jails follow the law according Woolman fettering these women is cruel and unusual punishment, she writes, adding, [ S] hame on Governor Schwarzenegger for the keep such a barbarous policy in place ~. According to a recent study? the need for Research Birth control pills have a structural effect on the brain , with women pill pill increased gray matter in the prefrontal cortex and other areas, Shoot writes. This could mean that the pill makes women smart Shoot says. It could also mean it could also mean that created due to imbalances in the brain , as an article in Scientific American put it, the brain go all catawampus ‘ she adds (Shoot, women’s rights change..

‘Leader of the autonomous women’s movement of Nicaragua are under investigation for their commitment in supporting a nine-year-old rape survivor will receive an abortion, she reports .. Instead,omment On IVF, Prisoner shackling, Other topics The following summarizes selected women’s health-related blog entries.~ ‘Do not Blame C-section rate on moms,’Tracy Clark – Flory, Salon ‘Broadsheet ‘: A new study in the British Medical Journal published ‘no evidence found ‘behind claims that ‘the British high cesarean section rate[. Can] to mothers who are to lazy too busy or too glamorous to pant, sweat and ‘ are to blame hee-hee – hoo writes ‘their way to a baby,’Clark – Flory Instead, the study found that ‘most c – sections in England have a medical basis, ‘she added.That Yale team respondents D2B times in 831 hospitals participating in NCDR registry on 1 CathPCI April 2005 until 31 March 2008. The survey showed marked reductions unnecessary delays in treatment and widespread adoption to the recommended strategy for improving the care. Improving is the nation the entire nation, is not only in selected hospitals and State.

The Hartford Courant on Sundays analyzed the efforts in the Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont to expand universal health care coverage system and suggestions for to establish coverage in Connecticut. The States ‘ success in in extending coverage for longer of[their] lowest paid dwellers, according to the Courant, it contend to a way to help you employment poor and middle-income families, insurance at an affordable purchase Check find. According to John McDonough, executive director of Healthcare for All of Massachusetts, that definition from affordable has not been created. and also View Details Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont general health insurance plan (Waldman, Hartford Courant..