Eric Olson University of Texas.

We have discovered a number of signal and responsive cell type-restricted transcriptional co-activators and co – repressors that control development and cardiac remodeling.. Eric Olson University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA Genetic control of heart development and disease heart education includes precise orchestrated series of morphological and molecular events when disturbed, even subtle, Many of the transcription factors that control heart development and regulate remodeling of the adult heart in response to injury and stress signaling. Mechanistic dissection of transcriptional circuits cardiac regulation of gene expression has opened opportunities for genetic and pharmacological modification of cardiac function.

EG stimulates Myocardin family of co-activators, the activity of SRF and co – activated CAMTA NKX2 – 5, while Class II histone deacetylases function as a signal-dependent repressors MEF2. The functions of co-activators and co – repressors, and with the involvement of specific miRNAs discussed in the control of cardiac gene expression during development and disease.With more than 36,000 members of New York Nurses Association, the nation being oldest and biggest States Nurses’ Association , the Nurses Association encourages high standard on Nursing education, research and practices, engages into the legislative activity and has wage negotiations services nurses. His mission is to to promote profession of nursing and to protect public health care.

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