Fentanyl ITS.

Fentanyl ITS, a new innovative, needle – free system for the management of acute postoperative pain was reported in a hospital, in European countries launched in January this year to life. Fentanyl ITS has been shown to be as effective as IV PCA morphine for the treatment of acute postoperative pain.1.

IONSYS is the first product to the proprietary iontophoretic transdermal drug delivery system ALZA Corporation, an affiliate of the developed integrated Janssen-Cilag.The regulatory status of of this product may country country.The Janssen-Cilag companies have a long track record in developing and marketing treatments for a variety of conditions. Leading products are JURNIST .Practice nurses an Assist GPS with services like vaccines, wound management, chronic illness supervision and the the promotion and supplying health teaching. ‘By using to the abilities of practice nurses, family doctors can be improve the access for their practice and provide an wider range of services for patients. ‘.

Claiming In the year 2006, 000 work-related injuries in relation to shiftwork present more than $ 50,000 to cost, Canada workers’ compensation system of. ‘Since more and work working in non – daily shift, we may see an increase in personal injury, especially among the women,’says co-author Chris McLeod, research assistant at the UBC Centre for Health service and Policy Research . ‘Regulatory agency and employers have to check policies and programs in contribute to. The risk of injuries in shiftworkers ‘.