Fiona Godlee.

Fiona Godlee, editor of the BMJ says. – ‘I am of the BMJ success ‘m as excited as a vote of confidence from our colleagues and to get to our UK readers, is talented a great appreciation for the magazine and hard-working team also supports our decision professional journalism professional journalism and design. When last year we reissued ‘.

Individual n – like altruism shown in chimpanzeesdebates about altruism are often based on the assumption that it is caused either unique to humans or the human version differs from other animals in some important respects. Thus, people should only of others, even of others, even against genetically unrelated individuals, without personal gain, at the expense of himself. Studies in which such behavior in nonhuman primates, especially our close relatives the chimpanzee form to this debate.With which the UN TWG on gender and Women Empowerment that will bring together around 20 the UN agencies will be organized the event was particular significance as 2011 also witnesses the startup of UN women , launched the most recent United Nations as a powerful driver for equal rights of women.

Five young girls and women in Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and India, study and work in Thailand in various areas of society , talked about their ideas and efforts with regard to theme this year women are with disabilities. Often described as a group of double responsibility but for me it’s a group with great potential and power anything we need is to magic window and encouragement offered from others, told Yoshimi Horiuchi into their early 20’s, the founder of reading Asia Caravan , a mobile library in the delight of reading and learning to poor rural and young people across Thai. Amy, a young migrant workers from Myanmar said was their dream for the future for migrants treated equally be. I think that a young woman in the 21st 14 years is exciting Our voices heard slow, things change gradually and it is entirely a fascinating thinking of knowing that do I am a part of, said 14-year – old Bangkok students Disha Subramaniam..