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For these infections.emote Screening for STDsResearchers at the University of Westminster has an easy and convenient method for the screening of female sex workers for sexually transmitted infections , without the need for them clinics clinics use check this web-site read more . Women were tampons they use to collect their own samples and post them in the laboratory could given. The results showed that the women in the study self – collection of samples very easy and much preferred this method proved to screen for STIs and in addition, the test methods used are more accurate than found in conventional tests.

The study involved 65 CSW are, each was asked to complete a questionnaire in which they declared their complete preferences for screening and ease of sampling. Gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomonas – The samples were in the laboratory using a method called PCR , which rapidly detects a unique DNA sequence in the three microorganisms STIs cause processed. For comparison, samples were collected and screened for these pathogens with conventional laboratory techniques. The results showed that all women found themselves taking samples very easy and much preferred this method of screening for STIs. In addition, more cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia with with the PCR method compared to traditional methods. ‘If this is seen, then it might be an acceptable method as a possible test set for other patient groups who find it difficult, or dragged reluctantly into account the mainstream sexual health screening services, It such as women in rural areas, prison screening services or teenagers, ‘said Dr. Kimmitt, ‘The tampon is a small device that can be easily posted to a central laboratory is less likely to is less likely to leak than a urine sample. It is also small enough for easy storage.

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Researcher from Boston University School of Medicine have discovered that heavier uterine cocaine exposure is linked with slight compromise to selected areas of which neurocognitive development as middle childhood. To BUSM study appears in the May issue of Neurotoxicology and Teratology.

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