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Healthcare professionals, patients, community activist available for comment:In conjunction with the release of the video rnrn also by a number of people in the video of information on the health crisis in New Orleans, including is- – Alice force – Kearney, RN and Patricia Berryhill, RN: Two nurses who founded the Lower 9th Ward Health Clinic of personal homepage Berryhill from more than 30 years, where she raised her children and prepared meals for the local football team. The house on the roof to the roof and completely renovated with the help of local volunteers, pristine unspoiled free clinic..

– Also provided a recent article in the American Journal of Medical Sciences that Charity Hospital – was ‘the center of the Greater New Orleans safety net for the past 269 years[ and] the dominant source of – the featured prominently in the rnrn Video care for the needy people, serve 63 % of the uninsured. ‘.. – Kim Lange, Nurse Practitioner: A native of the Lower 9th Ward, joined Kim rnrn immediately after the storm and volunteered at the Lower 9th Ward Clinic. – Dr. James Moises, MD: Emergency Room physician The tragedy of the collapse of the public health safety net in New Orleans caused by the closure of controversial Charity Hospital and its network of community clinics, is results of results a recent study that an increasingly sicker population in the city has.Quantify the mineral content of the enamel able dental practitioners dentists that situation and gravity of development of dental lesions. Existing methods to evaluate enamel are limited. Dentists can be visual evaluates the teeth, but dental lesions can be tough to detect in parts of your mouth as on by tartar, saliva, or the structure of a tooth itself. Dentist can print crisp instruments, tooth enamel the enamel but the can be destructive. To the teeth and gum X is -ray scans can manifest of dental lesions, but they give no information on the level of mineralization. Advanced its mineral content – For research purposes, nano-indentation is commonly used for the production using information about the elasticity of of the enamel, but nanoindentation destroyed the measured regions of the coated in process and should be sought only on extracted teeth..

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