In addition to providing access to the drug.

In addition to providing access to the drug, are the objectives of the study to provide additional safety and tolerability of L-MTP-PE and provide additional pharmacokinetic information in a small patient subset.

In addition, the Company is required number of unresolved number of unresolved issues related to chemistry, manufacturing and controls . The company expects a final opinion of the CHMP in the third quarter and received a final decision by the European Commission in the fourth quarter of 2008.. For more information be found at be found atUpdate on L-MTP-PE Regulatory StatusThe company recently announced that Products to display the data in an oral explanation hearing before the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use , the CHMP, in a non-binding opinion of 2008.The results of building to a 2006 discovered by co-senior History Virginia Lee, director of the Centre of Neurodegenerative Disease Research and John Q. Trojanowski, manager of the Institute of Aging to Penn -. Led her an international team been found that a protein called TDP-43 Reichert abnormally are in the brain tissue of patients a guy by hereditary FTLD. TDP-43 will be a known protein is expression throughout the entire body Several functions Several functions, including the transcriptional regulation has of genetic code and as the frame for nuclear and motor neurone proteins..