Including development of and two clinical candidates through to phase 1 clinical trials.

‘Our yeast-based drug discovery platform is unique to diseases such as CF, which include mistrafficking mutant proteins capable. This collaboration with CFFT is another example of of the growing scientific and clinical FoldRx experience in rare diseases and is an ideal ,, to expand our product pipeline facilities. ‘.. FoldRx retain full worldwide commercial rights and receive CFFT payments upon successful completion of the specific research and development milestones, including development of and two clinical candidates through to phase 1 clinical trials.

FoldRx yeast yeast-based high -throughput screening platform to investigate the mechanism of protein misfolding and its relation to disease and identify small molecule modulators of protein misfolding developed. Yeast is a recognized model system because many of the proteins and cellular mechanisms in yeast similar counterparts in humans have. This collaboration with CFFT could eventually better better participate to the development of new drugs, the biological function of the mutated protein in CF, and therefore treat the disease.This 19 agents are the fifth in a serial by 12 games, high-priority substances which have been identified to Canada leading categorizing of its legacy chemicals substances in 2006.

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