Incredibly exciting.

Studies show that as well as reducing severe asthma attacks by 50 percent, this groundbreaking new antibody therapy could also enable to people severe asthma, its use of oral steroids many as many to be serious side effects shown stopping.. Incredibly exciting. Groundbreaking new treatment for people with severe asthmain the New England Journal of Medicine, will be published tomorrow a collection of articles on the revolutionary new treatment Mepolizumab. Asthma UK ‘s Chief Medical Advisor, Professor Ian Pavord is the senior author of the study titled:. Mepolizumab and exacerbations of refractory eosinophilic asthma and below are his remarks about Mepolizumab Professor Ian Pavord, Chief Medical Advisor for Asthma UK and the lead author the study says: The last decade has a limited number of alternative treatment approaches for asthma is available, the saw potential benefits that mepolizumab could the half a million people with severe asthma in the UK bringing incredibly exciting.

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