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About Chronic ITPChronic ITP is a characterized by characterized by low platelets in the blood in patients with excessive bruising and bleeding and in some cases with severe bleeding be be fatal get information .2, 56 , it is estimated that around 60,000 people with chronic ITP in U.S7 and a similar number in the EU will be diagnosed. Although ITP can be administered chronically, it is mortality and morbidity. Mortality and morbidity. The predicted 5 years the mortality of 2 percent for the young patients and 48 percent for older patients. The risk of fatal hemorrhage is estimated to 2 percent for 40-60 year olds and 13 percent for those over 60 to 0.8.

In the study, eltrombopag was well tolerated with no evidence of loss of efficacy. Eighty five patients reported at least one adverse event on therapy, most of which were mild to moderate, headaches are the most common . There were two deaths unrelated to eltrombopag. To date, 109 patients in this study, eltrombopag and median duration of the study were obtained, was 194 days. Eltrombopag, an oral, – receptor agonist, was at 50 mg daily and then initiates the dose according to the according to the platelet count, with daily doses of between 25 mg and 75 mg.

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The groups is also calling for make a concerted effort from policies, government, healthcare, industry and patient significant differences in significant differences in asthmatic management practice ships in and among European countries to better outcomes better results for European asthma patient. Approximately 180,000evalence of asthma has increased dramatically in the last 20 years and about 180,000 deaths per year are worldwide to asthmatic. It is above all in the developed countries.