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Atherosclerosis detection approaches BreakthroughA study by a team of researchers at Oregon Health & Science University was the first time shown that molecular imaging with contrast-enhanced ultrasound and targeted microbubbles is effective in detecting at an early stage inflammatory processes, lead to atherosclerosis http://cheapcialisonline.net .

The researchers, led by Jonathan R. Lindner, a professor of medicine in the Cardiovascular Division of the OHSU School of Medicine, learned in the study that a vascular adhesion molecule known as VCAM-1, which shows made of of blood vessels at the start of the inflammation, and plays an important role in the early development of atherosclerotic plaques, could be in ultrasound images by injecting lipid microbubbles in the blood, which should cause with antibodies, the tip , the bubbles ‘stick ‘to the highlighted VCAM-1 molecules.

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