Neurologic symptoms within weeks to months.

Neurologic symptoms within weeks to months, Lyme disease can cause neurological symptoms such as Bell’s palsy, meningitis, paralysis of the extremities and poor motor coordination progress. Heart and breathing problems could develop. Homeopathic remedies that can alleviate neurological symptoms are Causticum, tellurium, and Sepia. In addition, the herb Cordyseps improves stamina, increases energy, reduces fatigue and weakness , and increased lung function, relieve breathing problems.

Lyme and arthritisThe common symptoms of Lyme disease are rheumatoid arthritis and other musculoskeletal pain and arthritis disease linger linger for years. Homeopathic Rhus is the primary tool, especially in long-standing cases, where. There suppression of antibiotics Arthritis or fibromyalgia pain is usually worse on the left side and on the first movement. Painful areas better with continued movement of the affected part. It is the stiffness and pain. Better with warm applications.Stress – it has everything things you can do of alleviate Their amount of stress? Many patients may experience reduced signs and complete removal of symptoms if for prevention and treatment activities are carried out. Others, however, continue to suffered independent. Unfortunately, there are cases of people having to exit the / amend their jobs.

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