Of the tests have led some to take legal action http://metronidazole500mg.com.

In addition, of the tests have led some to take legal action, according to the Chronicle. Massachusetts-based Acu – Gen Biolab, earlier this year, of a genetic test designed to identify women as early as 6 weeks, is facing a class action alleging false gender results http://metronidazole500mg.com . More than 100 women nationwide suing the company. Causing hardship of inaccurate results Edward Kennedy and Gordon Smith earlier this year, legislation, decision makers of the direct-to-consumer genetic tests prove to FDA that their tests would be carried out accurately and correctly introduced. – Comments At the moment we do not have somebody cared business, Kathy Hudson, director of the Genetics and Public Policy Center at Johns Hopkins University, and he added, is that without adequate security and quality guarantees and without the protection of consumers in .-based Center for Genetics and Society – said: The advantage of the[ test], is that the individual is authorized at the same time J especially when what is at stake is powerful information such as possession of a gene that is related to a deadly disease. .

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