Project ACES day coincides with Exercise is Medicine Month.

Project ACES day coincides with Exercise is Medicine Month, a time to recognize for physicians, health and fitness professionals, organizations and the public and celebrate the valuable health benefits of exercise. Established by the American College of Sports Medicine , Exercise is Medicine is a global program, the health care providers, patient patient promotes physical activity at each visit.

Schools can their activities, from walking of martial arts of martial arts. Students usually exercise for 15 to 45 minutes after an educational component. In the U.S.sit. Special guest speakers installed or used music in their Project ACES activities. The program has been recognized by several presidents, including Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, and inspired events in 50 different countries. This chain of local events creates a global wave of exercise.By participation in of an event, a donation, or just carrying a red ribbon.. On 1 December, THT employees and volunteers to will be to force the Cross Gloucester from 11.00 02 HIV awareness, at do not solicit donations and passing red strings. – Steve Jones, Area Manager TST the South West, said: THT message for World AIDS Day this year being ‘ HIV go to all Currently in the United Kingdom, of a not know from four people living with HIV to they. Is, these the installment TST be guilty within the next five few years.

We hope Trust Gets World AIDS Day in Gloucester, UK stakeholdersHIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust has is calling human Gloucester to World AIDS Day this year, committed, either by taking part in one event, a donation to support local HIV services, and carries a red ribbon to raise awareness.