Prospective lung cancer chemoprevention study see more.

The team investigated called the oral and lung tissue lining the epithelium – in 125 chronic smokers enrolled in a large, prospective lung cancer chemoprevention study see more . In both tissues.s of two crucial tumor-suppressing genes analyzed. The genes, p16 and FHIT, are known to be damaged or silenced very early in the process of cancer development may be. There is significant damage long before there is cancer, Mao said.

The tissues.The baseline tissue comparison showed methylation of p16 in the lungs of 23 % of the subjects in the FHIT 17 % of one of the two genes in 35 %. The %ages were similar in oral tissue, with p16 in 19 %, 15 % and FHIT methylation in one of the two at 31 %.

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