Safe And Natural Remedies For Arthritis That You Can Find Over-The-Counter

Aside from prescription medications, people are always looking for natural remedies for arthritis. The reason perhaps is because nature is gentler and generally safer. Also, some people would want to have less of the side effects that come along with drugs. Side effects may range from a slight stomach upset to serious bleeding ulcers.


The common symptom of most arthritis types is pain, and that is where alternative remedies are being sought. A home therapy that can help relieve pain is hot and/or cold compress. There is no general rule which one to use, so it entirely depends on the individual.

With hot compress, the heat in hot, moist towel relaxes the stiff muscles in an overworked joint. This results in pain relief. Hot compress generally works with people with osteoarthritis, since they do not have severe swelling. However, rheumatoid arthritis patients already have hot, swollen joints, so hot compress may not be as helpful to them. Aside from a hot, moist towel, a heating blanket or an electric blanket can also provide alternative natural remedies for arthritis with heat.

On the other hand, cold compress lowers the temperature in hot, inflamed joints usually found with rheumatoid arthritis and gout patients. The cold sensation numbs the painful area, thereby reducing the pain. However, some conditions that can occur together with rheumatoid arthritis should not be treated with cold compress without a doctor’s approval. Some of these conditions are vasculitis and Raynaud’s Phenomenon. Cold compress is applied by soaking washcloth with cold water. It can also be done using a plastic bag full of crushed ice or frozen peas. People can put a thin cloth in between the cold bag and the skin to prevent frostbite.


In a rare case of discovery, a doctor who has osteoarthritis of the knees and hips felt less pain after consuming a diet soda. He then initiated a clinical study if Aspartame, an artificial sweetener can provide pain relief for arthritic people. The initial results were positive, but the doctor advised more studies before any conclusion. Unfortunately, this cannot be considered among natural remedies for arthritis. Although Aspartame is relatively safe and not considered a drug, other tests showed that it can increase symptoms in people with fibromyalgia and chronic paid syndrome. In fact, many doctors have seen significant improvement after eliminating Aspartame from the patients’ diet.

Natures Food

Food that comes from nature is a better remedy that is accepted by most people, doctors and patients alike. Some food has anecdotal evidence as an alternative arthritis therapy. However, there are some natural food sources like the green mussel from New Zealand which have conclusive proof from scientific research and actual clinical trials.

Laboratory tests have consistently shown that mussels have a unique mix of omega-3 fatty acids that effectively reduces inflammation without hurting the stomach or other side effects. Also, this seafood has high amounts of mucopolysaccharides, which are nutrients that the body uses to make new cartilage tissues. The best green lipped mussel supplement uses the patented En’Zaq Process to produce the powdered extract in 500-mg mussel capsules. Indeed, safe and natural remedies for arthritis that are truly effective are now more available.