Said Kent Thiry go to this link.

‘Our hearts go to the hundreds of thousands of Haitians and their families near and far in the wake of such devastation,’said Kent Thiry, Chairman of Kidney Care Partners. ‘KCP member companies and organizations, on the ground, of the kidney care community have responded quickly and generously to this complaint go to this link . ‘.

Not only that. Quake managing dialysis treatments for Haitians bothered with renal failure, there are an unknown number of injured earthquake victims, the kidney function due to their injuries, which have now lost emergency dialysis services. For those without kidney function, is a dialysis machine of the body purifying function. This critical process includes specialized equipment to circulate and cleanse the blood as well as on-site medical personnel to administer the treatment. If only a few treatments are missed.

William Forsyth by MCA said:’. This safety data event forms part the Maritime and Coastguard Agency current the prevention of accidents strategy minimizing accident seamen. Encouraged to together with other maritime and the positive attitude of aquaculture , we are looking forward to significant security leadership. – ‘Every year a range of sailors to die incident narrow spaces We have recently incidents of this type with other marine users, including Viewed aquaculture business We hope with exchanges of experience and according best practice we can provide companies with the necessary tools. To avoid any future these incidents. ‘.

In the American Red Cross supporting to Haiti, human may lyrics Haitian to 90 999 for do a mobile for a $ 10 donations, you can visit or give 1-800 – CROSS RED.