Since the eighth primary primary approached

Since the eighth primary primary approached, Coakley used the issue of abortion as a fundraising tool (CongressDaily .

During a recent forum, Brown Coakley picked for switching their stance in support of the Senate bill, that ‘[d] uring the primary,[ they] basically found a principled position ‘but has ‘given up that position. ‘Brown also pointed out that he supports the right to abortion. He said he favored strong parental rights and against abortion late in pregnancy, which he said supports Coakley – Coakley call to say that Brown ‘s position misrepresentations on this topic. Coakley said she supports late abortion in cases where a woman ‘s health or life is in danger. The forum also featured Libertarian candidate Joseph Kennedy, who is not related to former Senator Edward Kennedy . Kennedy’s death in August, the Senate seat left vacant. Joseph Kennedy said he opposes the health care bill, but supports the right to abortion (LeBlanc, AP / Boston Globe.

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