SPCA International strongly condemns the inhuman methods used in the campaign www.kamagaz.com.

SPCA International strongly condemns the inhuman methods used in the campaign, including the use of poisoned meat and rifles www.kamagaz.com . These agents can cause extreme and prolonged agony. There are humane alternatives that have proven themselves and SPCA International calls on the Iraqi government to delay the inhumane killing and implement humane methods.

About CIHIThe Canadian Institute for Health Information collects and analyzes information on health and health care in Canada and makes it publicly available. Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments created CIHI as a not-for-profit, independent organization that information to a common approach to a common approach to Canadian health authorities. CIHI goal: to timely, accurate and comparable information. CIHI data and reports inform health policies, supports the effective delivery of health services and raise awareness among Canadians of the factors that contribute to good health.

Postpartum depression more common in Mothers of multiple birthsmother of twins has 43 % probability of to moderate to heavy depressive symptom nine months of the birth compared to mother from single born child, according to researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The researchers investigated the relationship between the multiple births and mother depressive symptoms and determined that multiple births, the chance which maternal depression, and that few mother increased with depressive symptoms, independently of the of multiple births state, reports talking to a mental medical specialist or an overall medical care provider. The results are set in the 1st April 2009 issue of Pediatrics publishes. – Our results indicate that 19 per cent of maternal of multiple pregnancies medium to heavyweight depressive symptoms 9 months after childbirth were in comparison to 16 per cent of mothers of singletons, said Choi Yoonjoung, and multiples in trial and research associate having the Bloomberg School Department of International Health. maternal with a story of hospitalization for mental health problems or of a history of out of alcohol or drug misuse were also significant increased odds. Non – Hispanic black mothers had a higher ratio as compared to non-Hispanic white mother. Mothers Been currently married, Hispanic , or with a high household economic status were less likely to have depression symptoms. .

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