Stay Young And Look Young With The Help Of Bee Pollen

Want to feel and look younger? Who doesn’t want to maintain one’s youthful look? Upon reaching middle age, most of us are concerned about the way we look.

This is the time when we realize our youthful looks have eroded away somewhat through time.

Women are more concerned about these changes in physical appearance than men. The most noticeable part that most women experience is weight gain, their face and skin.

Way’s on how you can maintain smooth, younger looking skin and body figureAs stated by Gene Bruno, MS, MHS and Dean of Academics of College of Health Sciences in Huntington in May 2002, bee pollen is an energy food that increases red blood cells in the body and plays the role of an excellent anti-aging food. It contains nutrients that can increase our energy. It has an anti-oxidant effect that fights against the aging process both on the physical and mental levels. The benefits of Bee pollen granules has been said to be the world’s most perfect natural food source made up of 35 % protein, 2% of fats, 1 ½ % of minerals, folic acids, vitamin B2, B12, C, chromosomal nucleic acids and enzymes.


Using pollen can make the skin younger and smoother with less wrinkles It can also be a treatment for acne and other skin problems for it absorbs the damaging effects of free radicals. It has high a content of nucleic acids that prevent aging of the cells in the body and helps in the growth of new skin tissue. When bee pollen is taken onto the body it absorbs into the skin and nourishes the cells and tissues making it a good moisturizer to help with dry skin and even wrinkles.

According to M. Esperrois, MD of French Institute of Chemistry, bee pollen can prevent and cure acne problems since it has a natural antibiotic effect on the skin. It helps reduce inflammation and regenerate the damaged skin caused by acne. It also stimulates cell growth and  repair. Based on bee pollen informationand the study that was published by the British Journal of Surgery, honey combined with bee pollen has a drying effect that can kill bacteria. This is called inhibine, and is the bacteria killing component of honey and pollen. In addition, honey can be applied directly on to skin wounds.

How to take bee pollenwill vary between supplements. Some manufacturers suggest to take 1 capsule a day, whilst others recommend 2-3 daily.

It’s important when you start using bee pollen for the fist time as a natural dietary health supplement, to start with a small bee pollen dosage. This will allow your body to get used to it and to illiminate  that there are no side-effects.

A quality and pure bee pollen supplement contains all the necessary components where health is concerned and is considered to be a complete substance capable of sustaining human life. It can correct unbalanced nutrition and deficiencies of vitamins  and minerals. The mysterious effects of bee pollen to the skin is miraculous. The solution to your skin problems has already been found so take advantage of the benefits of bee pollen for younger and smoother looking skin.