Studies in the Tamiflu.

As previously announced, and as confirmed by this latest work, Viprovex effectively lowers viral load in lung and nose, and reducing the effects of infection on temperature and weight loss, said Hal Siegel, Senior Director of Product Development and Regulatory Affairs, rain rain BioSciences, In light of these recent positive findings of pneumonia, we believe it Viprovex continue studying Viprovex as a potential adjunctive therapy to Tamiflu. We hope that our studies reinforce better this protective effect and its relevance to define treatments currently for for human use. .. Studies in the Tamiflu, on cotton rats at virion Laboratories, animals with the H3N2 influenza virus A/Wuhan/395/95 conducted infection developed pneumonia in addition to the decreased temperature, weight loss and nasal and pulmonary viral enrichment reported previously.

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