The AP / Akron Beacon Journal reported

Project that copies Abstinence-Only Education Programs from 31 Ohio school districtsThe American Civil Liberties Union last week asked, 31 Ohio school districts for copies of their abstinence-only sex education program in order to check the curriculum for accuracy, the AP / Akron Beacon Journal reported . ACLU of Ohio attorney Carrie Davis said the information as part of a nationwide project, which was conducted by the group requested. Davis said the project is of publicly funded of publicly funded abstinence programs and review the curricula of concerns over the separation of church and state. Huber Huber, director of the National Abstinence Educators Association, the ACLU project. ‘Part of a coordinated effort to de – fund abstinence education probable’ After Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, Ohio-based abstinence groups have received $ 23,000 in federal funding in the past three years. Ohio has $ $ 000 per year in state funds spent on abstinence-only education programs and programs implemented by the Governor’s Office on Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. However, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland proposed budget would remove $ 1 million in state funding over two years for the programs. In addition, Strickland Administration said it again not for Title V abstinence education funds if the current $ 1,000 subsidy will end on 30 September. To findings from the Title V program that received by HHS ‘Administration for Children and Families administered, states must comply with certain requirements, including barring teachers discuss contraception and requiring them that sex within marriage is ‘the expected levels of sexual activity ‘.

580,000 for the second round of talks with the Thai government on compulsory licensing of antiretroviral Kaletrapharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories has recently an invitation for a second round of talks with the Thai government compulsory licensing by the country to discuss issued for specific medications, including the antiretroviral drug Kaletra, the Bangkok Post reports to buy. Said recently that said recently that he expand the land generics program to more antiretroviral and cancer drugs are, unless drug companies to lower their prices (Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report.

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