The company said that QOLIX is a feature-rich.

The company said that QOLIX is a feature-rich, always-on SaaS application designed coupled in response to clinicians and researchers with feedback advances in outcomes measurement scientific and current technology. His dashboard allows sponsors of pre – control study design customization with real-time data exported. QOLIX API enables integration with EHRs, other clinical notes, clinical trials or other PRO systems. ‘We are delighted that development of the PRO – field with the launch of QOLIX It offers ‘one-stop shopping ‘for the researchers / clinicians who needs a brief but accurate assessment of the patient in real-time norm-based scoring, disease-specific support for clinical decision making, comparative effectiveness research and clinical trials provide evidence, ‘said John E. JWRG founder and chief science officer and world-renowned inventor of the Pro box..

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