The iFuse Implant System is a commercially available device in the USA.

The iFuse procedure uses a minimal incision for delivery and implantation of small, titanium implants. The implants are provided with a porous plasma spray , which acts as an engagement surface, help to decrease movement implant coated. These implants have substantial thickness and sophisticated metallurgy and are able to construct a much stronger than conventional pins or screws can be used surgical surgical fix boney structures. This implant technology from SI-BONE has been used successfully in more than 1,000 cases of dysfunctional foot joints..

In response to the increasing awareness of SI joint disruption and dysfunction as debilitating symptoms develop generators, SI-BONE, an innovative, patented, intramedullary implant to treat the SI joint. The company is also embarking on a post – market multicenter study to determine its effect over time on SI joint pathology and with with SI joint problems.– eavesdropping on others updates. Employees next to the inbound and outbound those who made hearing others to debate the current status of benefit events. You can talk to if they information that In Incorrect to hear to prevent error in the Upcoming layer. In Johnson Space Center, for example, all staff listen these exchanges on a rolling audio feed.

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