The results should add clarity to the perceived health risk prehypertension.

The results should add clarity to the perceived health risk prehypertension, said Ovbiagele. prehypertension is controversial since its inception, with the occasional accusations not not be be used sick people sick people, but healthy people whose blood pressure was compared to the upper reaches of normal as unhealthy label, without a compelling reason. Others complained that the new name would be needlessly put people to blood pressure – reducing drugs Over the years,nefit of pharmaceutical companies. .

The health risk was measurably more for those whose blood pressure was at the upper end of ‘normal We have determined that these people, who in the higher spectrum ‘range. ‘was was 79 % higher risk of future stroke were ‘Ovbiagele said.Dezhe Jin, assistant professor of physics, such as song birds transmit pulses search with neurones in the brain manufacture a complex behavior, such as chanting. The rules described in syllable or word sequence of – singing birds being particularly suited for the study in language production and syntax of adapted because it is more similarities among twittering of birds and of human language when they in. Think. ‘We are not only interested in birds,’Jin Users said of American Physical Society of the March meeting to Portland, Oregon ‘We are eventually in the study of such as the human brain works and better we understand, interested.

The syntax of bird song sequence of syllables obtained connectivity of the neural networks governed. If the signal happening in be at a branching point, is an all-or-nothing transferring, gaining in that the two branches can to detect the signal, it of the one who can receiving slightly stronger signal will and of the momentum is continue the chain to, says Jin.. A significant feature of model is the Jin – winner – take-all mechanism – a pulse reaches a subsidiary point of within the necklace network, signal in on a branch, as give up other possible branches.