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Gutschalk Alexander, Andrew J. Oxenham, Christophe Micheyl, Courtenay Wilson and Jennifer R. Melcher’streaming audio ‘does not automatically bring neuroscience to mind, but in fact is this techie term describes how the brain processes sound signals compete. You know the problem, such as if you are trying to hear the boarding announcement in an airport, while all around you are talking loudly on cell phones. Individual auditory data streams can be ranked based on their profiles or frequency spectra. Now Gutschalk et al. That auditory streams also be distinguished by their temporal characteristics. Subjects were presented with harmonic complex tones with identical spectra. However, the A – and B – tones differ in their fundamental frequencies (? Female mice frequency in the harmonic series. The greater the difference in? The easier issues identified separate streams. Functional imaging and magnetoencephalography showed activation in the auditory cortex on a temporal scale similar subjects reported perception. The extent of activation increased increasing differences increasing differences in?

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