There is currently no cure.

There is currently no cure, and while some symptoms can be alleviated, no treatments that help that help with cognitive deficits The aspect of the disease.While useful mouse models mimicking this disorder have been developed , it has been difficult to test cognitive functions such as learning, because most traditional experiments level of physical degree of physical performance that the mice not deliver by the effect of the disease on their motor skills.

‘. Prion diseasesseful cognitive testing is a bottleneck in the development of new treatments for this aspect of HD ‘s The touch screen system should test it easier for drugs to treat cognitive decline in HD.. Is important, and so valuable so valuable, all the HD mice were physically able to complete the task . This indicates that their poor cognitive performance was not secondary to motor impairments. It also confirms that mice. HD with cognitive worsen worsen with age said, ‘We said, ‘We are very pleased with the results from the touchscreen device excited concentrates For many HD patients, the cognitive and emotional symptoms such as disabling as the more obvious motor effects of the disease and much effort on understanding cognition in HD.– city or state that support of cycle paths and biking trails to exercise more move more. In its biggest ever sample the daily bicycle tours was carried out in the United countries for residents to are using cycling and cycling, Study participants and secure. The study participants Portland, reported an average of of 1.6 one -way biking services a day, most to or from work and on other practical purposes. Balanced simply at that two-wheeled pendulums and cycling for exercise, close to 60 % of the participants met that government – recommended by 150 minutes movement per week. Study author Jennifer Dill which Portland State University, more and longer. Comprehensive policy diagrams and sufficient financial may the bike paths and multi-use, so to resident for activity activity.