They get enough votes would tip another veto read more.

New Orleans Times-Picayune: ‘Congressional sponsors of a bill on the should to expand health insurance for children of working families do not give up just because the home failed rounding enough votes to President Bush’s veto override, ‘a Times-Picayune editorial states the editorial continued ‘ ‘It is encouraging the negotiators the negotiators of both parties propose some changes in the new bill, they get enough votes would tip another veto. ‘Bush ‘appropriately championed the Medicare prescription drug benefit in 2003 approved a more expensive program than SCHIP read more . Children need help as well, and the president should drop[ his] objections. Until he does, should supporters of the SCHIP not give up, ‘The Times-Picayune writes (New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Jacob Sullum, Washington Times: Instead of trying to clarify, issues like SCHIP national , each state should be allowed to go his own way, with results dependent on local values varying varying cost of living and the local supply situation, Sullum, a national columnist, wrote in the New York Times. After Sullum no federal money would be a state legislator not compel another state taxpayers to subsidize their generous impulses , but it would also mean, no federal restrictions (Sullum, Washington Times.

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