This is the first study to demonstrate that it is the copy number variant.

‘This is the first study to demonstrate that it is the copy number variant, which has the potential change GLO1 expression and behavior,’said Distler, an MD / PhD student at the Pritzker School of Medical Scientist Medicine Training Program. ‘Our study was a physiological representation of what it means to boost GLO1 expression for the fear. ‘.

While the therapeutic potential of manipulation this system determined determined, the fog clears of research about the role of GLO1 in fear. By the addition of behavioral and cellular evidence What’s neat is that we started with exploratory, open-ended genetic studies in mice, and we have now in a fundamentally new physiology that no one appreciates or together before getting out, said Palmer. Now we are starting to reap some of the fruits from these types of genetic studies to enrich our understanding of classical aspects of biology..Said, adding HIV / AIDS Could be life expectancy of South Africa of 46 years , researchers say.

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