Ullrich Hanstei.

Ullrich Hanstei discuss how smaller generic drug companies are competing in tough EU countries in the next week with.. We asked Dr. Ullrich Hanstei, General Manager, Help SA, which is presented to generics World Europe 2011, what were his thoughts on the key areas for growth in the generics industry in the next 5 years: ‘As far as areas for relates to future growth, we think that the traditional medical products the focus focus, which means that we are do not believe in biosimilars or biotechnological products. For sure export to emerging markets offer opportunities for growth.

Complete ProgramHot topics for World Generics Congress Europe 2011 are:International market dynamics focusing on Brazil, South Africa, South America, India and Greece – Policy Reviews by the European Commission, Spectrum K and an update on Hatch Waxman play reform Strategic Overview and sustainability of the industry when, where to play and how to biosimilar development What big pharma plans for generic profitability within the industry & update from M & A markets are up for grabs brochure brochure or register call Sabrina+44 207 608 7055th Please enter your valid coupon code MED01..Markets are clearly confident of the product with the existing Mela Sciences more than 10 percent in trading today.. Darrell S. Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the New York University Medical School confirmed the news: MelaFind is a groundbreaking technology and is one of the important advances in early melanoma detection since the emergence the ABCD criteria that our party developed over a quarter century of ago. Although there is incremental improvement into imaging tools on melanoma recognition, us still exit first and foremost on our eyes, experience and judgment. MelaFind objective information about indeterminate pigmented skin lesions to help us with in recognize detect melanoma biopsy lesions as early as possible, still in If there be cured.