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FRANK S. BARNES* Distinguished Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Colorado BoulderOM P. GANDHI Professor Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City – I . Leeka MAILA Hietanen Senior Researcher non-Ionizing Radiation section Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Helsinki Kheifets Professor of Epidemiology School of Public Health, University of California Los Angeles.

DAVID L. MCCORMICK senior vice president and director of the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute,the idea ofation Induced Colon Cancer Stopped in his tracks by the TNF-alpha antagonistcolitis people with inflammatory bowel disease colitis are at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. New data from Naofumi Mukaida and generated generated at Kanazawa University, a central role for the soluble factor, TNF-alpha in the development of colon cancer in mice in which inflammation of the gut was induced by administration of azoxymethane ingestion. Expression of TNF-alpha was in the large intestine of normal mice AOM AOM and DSS increased and this has been the development of tumors in the colon. Where one of the receptors for TNF-alpha and with an antagonist with an antagonist of TNF-alpha protected significantly from the effects of treatment with AOM and DSS development less inflammation of the colon and fewer tumors in the colon. As suggested by the authors , and by Ezra Burstein and Eric R. Fearon in an accompanying commentary, these data clear justification for the idea drugs that antagonize TNF-alpha can be useful in reducing the risk of colon cancer in people with ulcerative colitis.

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‘Doctors must EHR / PM solutions that seamlessly integrate in their practices’ workflow and this is not Slow down,’said Michael Nissenbaum, iMedica President & CEO. ‘They want to determine profit EHR / PM solution can actually a practice of a practice this process require more than only listening to a proposed text purchase display. Consult a doctor a physician test drive ‘.

– established in 1998 and is iMedica an innovator in develop on over iMedica company electronic health records and practice management solutions for medical practices. On the basis of his extensive study of doctors practical workflow and extensive consultations with doctors practicing did iMedica patient Relationship Manager , a single – application electronic Lifting and PM solution that Microsoft’s latest. NET technology takes advantage designed. PRM a unique, Infrastructure Consolidation and free design adapts a doctor workflow and set the benchmark for ease and speeds provision of, and portability. IMedica replication technology provides backup, recovery and availability as well customization and solution management with a minimum of IT personnel assistance.