We can be deceived not only the public.

‘If we radically changed market conditions in food in developed over recent decades has ignored any longer, we can be deceived not only the public, but also for us.

It seems that without our knowledge or consent we are subject to the ubiquitous interference activities of the industry. .. They also propose bans on government subsidies for the food industry, the foods and tax EDNP this revenue to subsidize purchases of fruit and vegetables, and to regulate the location and number of fast food outlets by adopting urban planning laws. Those affected by our wish list of the nanny state could affect helpful redirect their focus to the many unseen measures intentionally adopted by the food industry to shape our behavior, Loff said.Although earlier studies have shown that radium treatment have analgesic activity the risks of 224Radium the treatment costs will exceed its benefits, in particular since it has many other therapeutic Tools available available. Consequently are said Committee on Quality Assurance the German Society of Rheumatology no more this therapy is its recommendations.